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“Thank you so much for all of the help and advice you have given me over the past year and a half.  You really changed the way I look at school and how I approach my work. Thank you for making school that much less stressful in my life.”
High School Student

“Our daughter had a fantastic school year last year, and a lot of her success we strongly feel can be attributed to the work that she did with you.  She is a much more relaxed and confident student.   She has learned to take advantage of spending free school time meeting with her teachers, and proactively addressing her concerns.”
Father of Middle School Student

“I was burned out and in over my head my sophomore year at Princeton.  Dr. Diane helped me get back on track by helping me to manage my ADD.  She made sure to always follow up and recognize when I was falling off track.  My senior thesis which should be a nightmare for anyone with ADHD went amazingly smoothly while working with Dr. Diane.  She helped me balance my time which helped me excel.  I am now working at a major financial institution in NYC earning the respect of my peers and senior leaders who are impressed with my ability to get things done!”
Princeton University Graduate

“Dr. Diane goes the extra mile.  She is a pleasure to work with.  Over the years, we’ve shared many patients with ADHD and learning differences and I have greatly appreciated her caring, thoughtful approach.  I have especially valued her willingness to work as a team in the care our mutual clients.  She is insightful, hands-on, and truly committed to helping them succeed.  I recommend her very highly.”
Catherine Stayer, MD, PhD

“I thought you might appreciate the enclosed evidence of a success story in which you were most instrumental.” I have included copies of my son’s report card for his junior year with his SAT scores and a special award for his technical project. Thanks for helping my son to achieve more of what he is capable.”|
Father of High School Student

“Thank you for keeping my son on track so he could graduate from Princeton and build a solid foundation to do whatever he decides to do.”
Mother of Princeton University graduate

“Thanks for helping my son make a terrific transition into high school.  You have made a difference in the life of a child-our child.”
Mother of high school student

“I refer all my patients with symptoms of ADHD or study skills difficulties to Dr. Diane.    She increases their ability to prioritize, plan and initiate work. To improve accountability and help students when they are struggling, she provides email check- ins and phone calls when necessary.  I have seen truly remarkable turnarounds.  I recommend her highly and am thankful to have her as a resource.”
Jordana Skurka, Psy.D. Licensed Psychologist