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Services for Students:

  • executive functioning strategies *EXAMPLE BELOW
  • time management
  • homework/project initiation and completion
  • test/quiz strategies for studying
  • strategies for reading/studying in various subject areas
  • thesis support
  • liaison with school personnel/teachers
  • Individual Education Plan (IEP), 504 review


Services for Adults:

  • executive functioning strategies *EXAMPLE BELOW
  • increasing productivity
  • structuring work to meet goals
  • strategies for organization
  • accountability
  • management of daily tasks
  • strategies for staying healthy i.e. exercise, eating, sleeping
  • understanding ADD

*Executive Functioning

Ability to organize information in a way that enables a individual to achieve a future goal.  Included skills are planning, organization, time management, working memory, emotional regulation, self-monitoring, and the ability to inhibit ones impulses.  This is one of the key deficits for individual with ADHD.  An example: the skills needed to write a research paper may involve breaking the assignment down into smaller chunks,  doing it over time.  The individual must be able to do the research, figure out what information is important, keep track of notes, put notes into an outline, and then write an organized paper.  Each step can present difficulties.